AGU 2019 Town Hall - Title input please

Hi Colleagues.
It looks like a town hall event is taking shape at AGU this year. We are very fortunate to have Erin Robinson from ESIP supporting us in this!!

Potentially it will be:

Town Hall Title : TITLE HERE
Date and Time : Wednesday, 11 December 2019: 12:30 - 13:30
Location : Moscone West, Room:2002, L2

Can you guys help me come up with a good title and potentially a short overview / agenda for the session? let’s start with a title!!

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Hi Leah, what is the main goal of this townhall? I think that defining this clearly first will be key to making a good title.

Me, Lindsey, and others are organizing a townhall around building an “open-source initiative” at AGU: It would be great to have some cross-pollination since pyopensci has a big role to play in making software more valued in science.

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hey @leouieda ! sure thing
i think our goals for this townhall are similar to the scipy bof! but let’s chat more.

  1. Raise awareness of pyopensci
  2. get more participation in pyopensci in the form of
    social media and other helpers spreading the word
    all of the other items that we need help with to make this work
  3. Get people to consider submitting packages to pyopensci
  4. community building in general which all of the above will do!

our session is wed over lunch and its a part of the AGU Data Fair track. That could work well to cross pollinate!! what are you thinking?

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