More updates! Reopening peer review in January 2023!

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to say hello to y’all and to provide a brief update! In the next few weeks you will see some great updates to our peer review guides!

Many thanks to Ariane Sasso, Szymon Molinsky and Alex Batisse @NickleDave for lots of feedback on the prs submitted!

i will post here when those edits are merged - likely right after the xmas holiday!
Also we are welcoming new packages for review to pyOpenSci starting Jan 2 2023. So please spread the word for us.

We will be updating our python package guide in jan 2023 (I am working on it now) which should provide you with a suite of new and maintained resources on everything related to python packaging. Tutorials will also accompany that work! So stay tuned for more.

Reminder that there is a help forum for python packaging if need help prior to submitting your package OR if you just have questions in general

And respond here with any questions about what pyOpenSci is up to!

Happy holidays to everyone who is celebrating! I appreciate y’all!
Leah, Executive Director - pyOpenSci