Reinstating discourse

Hi everyone :wave: ! Our discourse has been down due to inactivity and I didn’t realize this until today (thank you @MikeTrizna ). This is just a test post to ensure things are working as I expect!

Many thanks to everyone for their patience with pyopensci getting going during the pandemic. I am hopeful that we will be launching in a real way this spring 2022. Stay tuned for more and thank you for being here!

in the meantime, if you see this post feel free to respond, like, etc so I know that others have access to the site again as well! :slight_smile:


Testing this again. are email notifications working? somehow they were turned off. pinging @xmnlab @NickleDave @MikeTrizna

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I received the notification on my cellphone!

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yay ok discourse is working again. thanks Ivan!! i’m so glad mike noticed it was down.

Woohoo, it does look like it’s back up!

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yea!! thank you @MikeTrizna for letting us know it was down. it also let me update the notification contact so if it goes down in the future i can be sure to get notified PRIOR! yahoo!