Updates for pyOpenSci!

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to quickly check in as this forum has been quiet for many months. I’m in the process of transitioning pyopensci to a fiscal sponsor. I’m guessing that it will take another month or two to complete. So while I’m behind the scenes working on things here and there, you can expect us to be up and running in the fall September 2022! in the meantime i’ll share updates here as the transfer happens.

I hope everyone is well!

Hi there all! it’s been about a month so i figured i’d post again. The fund transfer is slowly moving and i’m working on being onboarded myself so I can work on this project full time. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and look forward to digging back in to this project in the fall.

In the meantime please expect all software review inquiries to move slowly until Fall 2022!
Happy summer if it’s summer where you live!

Another update! The funds transferred on Friday end of the day mountain time (June 22 2022) ! This means that pyopensci will likely begin operations again in September 2022! stay tuned for more updates all.

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