We have our first package through review - now we need a badge

Hi @lwasser, I was just asking if we can avoid having such a long url. I understand that the logo overrides PyOpenSci (spelled out). I really like the logo. I am just wondering can we avoid having the svg code be part of the url.
UPDATE: I added the logo to the GitHub repo and as Sphinx docs.

Oh gotcha!! i bet we can make a shorter link with bitly. let me give it a go!! i just have to run to a meeting but will get you something today or tomorrow as i have a bitly account which supports custom links :slight_smile: happy to shorten it. thank you for the great feedback @marskar !!

ok @marskar i made this url - https://tinyurl.com/y56mss7p for whatever reason bitly didn’t link the link but tinyurl was ok with it. in the future we can find a better way to shorten similar to what RO does!!

I really like the badges that y’all have put together! I’m fine with the “Py” version as-is. Though I’d also be curious to see what it looks like to use a greyed out version of the Python logo instead of the letters “Py”. Perhaps the logo. What do y’all think about that?

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wanna try to make something as an example @choldgraf ?? it’s a very very tiny icon space but i’m open to the idea. any other thoughts??

Either something like


(in the second case we’d have to figure out the colors)

slightly bigger logos:

slightly tweaked colors:

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Wow!! I really like the first one @choldgraf !! Anyone else have any input on our badge?

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Agreed - I like the first one as well (with colors!).

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I liked the one with colors more when I first saw it, but I think it is easier to make out the Python logo without the colors.

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i agree @marskar more people voted for the color one but i find that the blue is too similar to the grey background and the logo blends in too much vs the grey one. but last i checked the vote for the color one was significant!

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I was one of the people who voted for the color version!:sweat_smile::joy:
Can you add an outline to the Python to distinguish it from the background?