Two new packages - any feedback?

Hi All!
We have two new packages that i think look like a good fit for pyopensci.

  1. pyrolite: pyrolite Presubmission Inquiry · Issue #17 · pyOpenSci/software-review · GitHub just submitted as a pre-submission inquiry!!
  2. obspy: ObsPy: Software Submission for Review · Issue #16 · pyOpenSci/software-review · GitHub submitted during AGU!!

While I see some bad links and some infrastructure needs potentially, does anyone object to my moving these into review? Further, is anyone interested in being an editor for one of these tools? i’m happy to do one as well so you can pick if you are interested!

If i don’t get any responses here in by tomorrow (Wed 18) i’ll assume they look ok to the team and i can atleast move forward with requesting a review submission and findings reviewers!! :slight_smile:


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