More prominent link to discourse on main webpage?

Not sure the right place to bring this up? I guess this category or meta?

I find it a little tricky to navigate to the discourse from the pyopensci homepage. The only way I see it is "get involved → “Ask a packaging question now”. I wonder if a link to the discourse could appear more prominently somehow? Maybe even on the dropdown menu under “community”?

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what an amazing suggestion, @jagerber48 , thank you! I did notice that - it just says " ask a question" which doesn’t even indiciate that it’s discourse. I like the idea of including it as an external link in our drop downs and highlighting it elsewhere. Justin, would you be open to opening an issue in GitHub - pyOpenSci/ This is the website for pyOpenSci. Contributions welcome!! ?? this is something the would be a super quick fix!!

Done! Link to discourse is to hard to find · Issue #263 · pyOpenSci/ · GitHub

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