Our Next Community Call is this THURSDAY April 9 at 11am mountain time

Hey All!

Our next community meeting with be on Thursday, April 9 2020 at 11am Mountain Time. Get the date and time translated to your time zone by clicking here.

LINK TO MEETING NOTES to be posted soon

Everyone is welcome! This week will be discussing

  1. 4 new submission possibilities
  2. Whether pyopensci can support reviewing analytics /stats focused packages. NOTE that JOSS will accept and review these
  3. Testing and whether we can accept packages that have failing tests. Please see: https://github.com/pyOpenSci/software-review/issues/16

ZOOM INFO to be posted shortly.

You can find the new meeting invite here: http://pyopensci.discourse.group/t/april-9-community-meeting/169 this will require you to login to discourse!