Our Next Community Call is Wed the June 10th at 11am MST

Hey All!

Our next community meeting with be on Wednesday, June 10th 2020 at 11am Mountain Time. Get the date and time translated to your time zone by clicking here .

LINK TO MEETING NOTES to be posted soon

Everyone is welcome!

ZOOM INFO: http://pyopensci.discourse.group/t/meeting-info-community-meeting-11am-mountain-time/169

Hi all! i have a set of workshops that we are running on thursdays for the next month+ to support our NSF award for the earth data science corps. as such i’m thinking about changing this meeting to occur on wednesdays at the same time every three weeks. any thoughts on timing? i definitely can not make next week on thursday but wednesday will work! please let me know.

UPDATE - we will have to rescheold the meeting for next Wednesday instead of thursday!! see you all then. we can talk about whether the new day works for people or not at the meeting!!