Should PyOpenSci support python 2.x?

Hey guys – the issue of whether pyopensci should support and test for python 2.x came up in this github issue:
it came up as tests are failing some of which are python 2.x in appveyor and travis. should we support and review python 2.x packages?

  • No, pyopensci should not review and support python 2.x packages
  • Yes, pyopensci should review and support python 2.x packages

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For a bit more of nuance, I think we could

  • Require Python 3
  • Accept mixed Python 3 and 2 codebases (but up to the maintainer of the package to keep Python 2 working)
  • Reject Python 2 only.

For the last case some discussion (or pointers to already existing resources) might be good. Sometimes it’s a dependency that doesn’t support Python 2, and what to recommend in these cases? Should the submitter work with the dependency maintainer and bring it to Python 3?

Oh, and for the pyopensci-cookiecutter? Drop Python 2 completely. No point in recommending best practices starting with something that is deprecated in 3 months.


I agree, anything Python 2.x only is officially no longer supported in 3 months, so such submissions would not have a long shelf life anyway. Other major projects have already dropped support for Python 2.x too.

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i agree with you guys on this!! ba-byyyy python 2.x :slight_smile:

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