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pyOpenSci updates for the week!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that our new community manager Isamar Cortes will be starting NEXT WEEK!! i am so excited to have Isamar join us. Isamar will introduce herself when she gets started - she has done some incredible work with the GeoLatinas including writing a proposal that funded the Code to Communicate program. We are so lucky to have Isamar supporting pyOpenSci as it grows!! More on this when she starts!!

I also wanted to mention that Carol Willing is now a part of our our advisory council and also will help us work on our education mission objectives. I am beyond grateful to have Carol with us given her incredible experience in and impact on the Python ecosystem. Wow!

I am meeting with the scverse folks tomorrow (single cell science focused Python group). They are interested in a potential community collaboration with us. pyOpenSci :heart_hands: supporting scientific communities!!

Finally - I am looking for a volunteer to take on a new role with us on the editorial team. This role would involve checking in on reviews when the wrap up and making sure all loose ends are tied. IE making sure the labels are correct, the metadata at the top is correct, etc. I’d also love for this volunteer to help me update existing reviews. I think once the existing reviews are done - this position would likely require a few hours a month of volunteer time. Please respond w questions if interested. As always we value diversity on our editorial team so we welcome folks who may not feel ready to review or serve as an editor to join the board in this capacity to grow skills if you wish. OR we welcome someone who just wants to spend a few hours a month helping to maintain our peer review process.

:raised_hands: Thank you for considering!!


Having a community manager is wonderful news. Welcome Isamar. I’m really looking forward to working with you. :sunny:

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This is awesome news for the community manager! I am new to the pyOpenSci community, but would love to help out with reviews and wrap-up. If you’re still on the lookout for a volunteer and are open to giving a little bit of training, I’d love to ask some questions to see where I could fit in!


hey there @isabelizimm :wave: !! Great to see you here :slight_smile: i think we have a checkin on monday. let’s talk about Docs first and then that volunteer! we are still looking for someone to help with reviews and would love to have you get more involved!! :pyos_animated:

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