Blog for publishing information about new packages

Hey everyone!

Maybe would be good to create a blog and motivate the authors of the packages inside PyOpenSci to post a blog post about their package.

any thoughts?


@xmnlab i LOVE this idea. icould EASILY create a blog link on our website like today. would you be open to coralling folks to actually write the posts??? or would YOU want to write something?

hey @lwasser

I was thinking more about number 1 … I can contact people and ask if they could contribute with a blog post about their package.

about write something … I don’t have anything in mind, but if you have any suggestions I can try.

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@xmnlabif you can get folks to write blogs that submitted packages, i’d love that.
i’ll go ahead and will setup a blog page on our website once we have something submitted. thank you SO MUCH. what a great idea. so perhaps either @cosmicBboy or @marskar or BOTH might want to write a blog about their experience iwth pyopensci or whatever they want to write related to open source software really. please contact folks!! :slight_smile:

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that would be great! I will do it :slight_smile: thanks!

@lwasser I started an initial guideline for the blog post. could you review that before I share that?


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thank you @xmnlab this is so great. let me add the yaml header to your doc and then we can add it as a readme to the blog directory of our website?? i think we will add blogs into _posts on the website. it should be fast for me to add i just have had a busy week. but i’ll do my best to have this done by our meeting on thursday!! And then @cosmicBboy can start to write!!

Ivan, are you game to discuss the blog in our meeting on thursday (Assuming you are able to attend ofcourse!)

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@lwasser sure thing. maybe I will be a little bit late … but I will attend the meeting for sure :slight_smile:

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wonderful!! ok i’ll put this on the agenda and i’ll make sure that we get to it a bit later in our meeting!! much appreciated, Ivan!!

@lwasser so our initial guideline is ready to be shared? should we store that into the governance repo?

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hey @xmnlab i’m sorry i didn’t reply here!! the governance repo would be a great place for the guidelines to be shraed. i also realized with the pandera blog that the blog file name needs to start with a date. We can automagically sync hackmd with the governance repo too to allow us to udpate the hackmd and push it up to github?? does that work for you?

i also wanted to show you this – the analytics show that a BUNCH of people came to the site after @cosmicBboy 's blog was posted and advertised!! what a great idea. looking forward to more blog posts maybe one by @NickleDave ??! and i could do one on earthpy as well potentially. maybe after agu tho.

excellent idea!

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Actually i am geeking out now on analytics.

More people are definitely starting to hear about us and visit the site!! this is a very good sign.
our discourse stats are also growing too.

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