pyOpenSci / Pangeo collaboration!

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We are excited to partner with Pangeo to support curating lists of vetted tools that follow Pangeo packaging standards! As such we welcome maintainers to submit packages to pyOpenSci to go through our open peer review process! We hope that in the future - we can help curate lists such as this list of xarray related tools. It’s important for the community to know where to look for maintained tools!

:sparkles: If you wish to see an example of a Pangeo-related review - you can check out the xclim review which is underway now! :sparkles:

How can pyOpenSci help maintainers?

There are numerous benefits to submitting a package to us for review!

:white_check_mark: We will provide you with visibility by promoting your work on social media. The blog posts that maintainers have written are the most popular content on our website!
:white_check_mark: Do you have questions about packaging and maintenance? Or just want to talk with other maintainers? Through the peer review process you will join our diverse community of other package developers and maintainers! Here you can ask for help or just chat with others about challenges in the ecosystem.
:white_check_mark: We look closely at package usability and as such will help you up your documentation game!
:white_check_mark: If you need to step down in the future, we will help you find a new maintainer for your package. Or simply help you sunset it if that is the best option.
:white_check_mark: Want to submit to JOSS? No problem? Our partnership with JOSS means that they accept our review as theirs if your package is in scope. Thus you can be reviewed by us and also get accepted by JOSS! (if you already submitted to JOSS you can still submit to us as well)

Want to learn more? Check out our authors guide to learn more about the process.
Or ask questions here!

A few other notes:

Looking forward to working with y’all!


Executive Director, pyOpenSci

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