Community call this week?

Hi all,

Just checking to see if you’re having a community call this week.

@lwasser I would definitely like to help fix some of the issues I raised on the guide, if you can give me a little heads up on the time so I can schedule with work. Maybe we could beg and plead @choldgraf to give us some gentle guidance with Jupyterbook?


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HI @NickleDave as we just discussed on twitter - let’s reschedule for next week! once this project wraps up this week i’ll have a bit more time. more later today - but let’s find a time that you can make as well today!

Excellent, thank you! Let’s.

Maybe it’s easier to say times I cannot make:
Mon after 1 EST is out
Wed b/t 1-2.
So just let me know what other times are good for you

Hey @lwasser how about Wednesday from 2-3 maybe?