CZI EOSS grant?

Perhaps we mentioned this in the last community call, but I think it would be worth POS making an application for the upcomign CZI “Essential Open Source Software” grant series:

@lwasser do you have any thoughts on this? I can help prepare an application though don’t have the bandwidth to lead the effort. It would be great to get a year’s worth of support for folks to work on this!


Hi @choldgraf !! i just emailed you. i really want to either go for this or for something with sloan. Because i’m new to the philanthropic space… i’d love to hear your input on which one to go for or both? i want whomever funds us to be happy with us so i’m open to any guidance. i’ve got the start of a solid proposal. it probably needs just a few more hours of work and it’s ready for someone to look at - at either sloan or CZI.

it looks like the budget i pulled together is well within the call 250 K ask and 1 year. Also either myself or Jenny will be at the CZI meeting in Feb.

Hi All!
We are going to scramble to pull together a CZI submission this week. If anyone is around and wants to participate, please get in touch with me!!

I’m not sure how much I can help but if you want a fresh set of eyes to look at drafts and give you feedback when you’re tired of staring at them, I can do that!

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@NickleDave - i’d love that. i dont have your email (i don’t think) can you share that or email me: . i also saw a message on twitter from you that i know i need to respond to!!

Hey - I made a few comments in the doc, it seems like it’s in the middle of heavy-edit mode so I will hold off on making a stronger pass through the text itself until that is settled a bit…

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@choldgraf ok it’s much more cleaned up if you want to have a look again today. i was able to pull some package stats frm jenny’s effort. to get monthly numbers from conda forge we will need to do a bit more digging so i’ll hold off on that for now… see what you think!!

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Made another few comments and edits in there, getting closer! I can look at it again after another round from y’all :slight_smile:

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you rock @choldgraf @lheagy left some feedback as well. if you want to give it another look this afternoon please do so!! i’m hoping to put it fully into the system tonight. and then we can take care of any minor edits tomorrow!! yay!!

Sounds good - I see you’re in there resolving comments, edits, etc…let me know when you’re finished taking a pass and I can look through again. I like looking through text w/o tons of un-resolved comments etc :slight_smile:

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i’m mostly done. ally is in there just copy editing. feel free to review @choldgraf !! i’m going to test putting it all in the system to ensure we are on track. i’m still waiting for some of the budget stuff to come through on CU’s end but i’m told it will happen on time :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

added a few more comments and edits!

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THANK YOU!! will go in for another round of edits in a bit!!