CZI funds pyOpenSci!

(originally posted on the pyOS blog)

A bright 2024 is ahead for pyOpenSci

We are thrilled to announce that pyOpenSci has received 2 years of funding to cover core operations from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). These CZI funds will be used to continue critical pyOpenSci work that:

  • supports Python open source maintainers in developing the usable and maintainable scientific software the enables open science;
  • helps scientists navigate a complex Python packaging ecosystem;
  • diversifies the scientific Python open source community.

Open science builds trust and enables more people to participate

Open and reproducible science builds trust and accelerates research and discovery. Open science supports scientific research that is both transparent and reusable. Free and open source software is critical to open science as it ensures that the analyses of research data are broadly accessible. To build truly open research workflows, scientists need to use free and open source software (FOSS). FOSS removes the barriers that licenses and other fees may create making diverse participation more accessible.

Broad inclusion is critical for both open source and open science

Broad inclusion of underrepresented and historically excluded individuals is critical to pyOpenSci’s mission. The open source ecosystem has been found to be even less diverse then the broader tech community. To help remedy this, pyOpenSci empowers everyone to participate in both the development and use of open source software. This empowerment enables open science to reach its full potential.

Open source maintainers need support

Despite the importance of open source software to fundamental open science principles, open source maintainers do not get the support they need. Maintainers need both institutional and community support in learning and engaging in open source software development, maintaining tools and engaging with the broad user base that may begin to use their tools in support of open science.

pyOpenSci is pushing for change

pyOpenSci is pushing for change. We envision a world where:

  • The scientific Python open source ecosystem is diverse and inclusive;
  • Individuals developing open software are supported;
  • Scientists have the skills needed to both contribute to open source and also develop collaborative open science workflows; these skills have significant overlap.

pyOpenSci builds a supportive and inclusive world through three programs

The three programs pyOpenSci runs are:

  • Peer review of scientific Python software - The pyOpenSci software peer review process helps scientists find the vetted and trusted tools they need to build reproducible open science workflows. We also empower our community with critical open science skills that support contributing to open source software.
  • Community partnerships with domain-specific scientific Python communities. Domain-specific communities partner with PyOpenSci to leverage pyOpenSci’s peer review process as a way to track vetted, high quality tools. Communities also support the development of Python packaging packaging guidelines in an effort to streamline the development of packaging recommendations across the scientific Python ecosystem.
  • Training and resources to help scientists develop and maintain high-quality, accessible, open source software. Our community developed the Python packaging guide, which provides resources and tutorials that help scientists navigate a complex Python packaging ecosystem. The Python packaging guide also makes recommendations for community accepted best practices.

Looking forward to 2024

pyOpenSci is excited to grow a more inclusive and supportive scientific Python community in 2024!

We are always looking for volunteers to support our community programs. If you are interested in getting involved with pyOpenSci, learn more here.