Isabel Zimmerman: pyOpenSci's Winter 2024 Software Peer Review Editor in Chief

It’s an exciting time for pyOpenSci as Isabel Zimmerman is our Software Peer Review Editor in Chief for Winter 2024! Isabel brings a tremendous amount of expertise and passion to the role, and we’re so happy to have her on board.

The pyOpenSci open peer review process facilitates scientists getting credit and recognition for the work they’ve invested in developing scientific Python tools. The peer review process also supports scientists in finding vetted and maintained software, which drives their open science workflows.

Our open peer reviews are run by a community of dedicated volunteers. Reviews are supportive and fully transparent with the shared goal of improving the quality, usability and maintainability of the software that is driving open science.

And our partnership with JOSS means that you don’t have to choose between pyOpenSci and JOSS. Simply submit your package to pyOS for review. If your package is accepted and in scope for JOSS, it will be fast-tracked through JOSS’ review process.

Become a Peer Reviewer with pyOpenSci
We could use your help! Fill out our reviewer form. We will contact you if we have a package that we need reviewers for. It’s OK if you’ve never reviewed a package before! We’ll walk you through it.

See our review process in action
Our software review process is run using GitHub issues. This means that anyone can check in on any part of any review and read all of the conversation. Check it out!

Ready to submit a package for review?
To submit a package to us, you need to open an issue in our peer review GitHub repository. Learn about the steps to submit a package for open peer review in our guidebook.


@isabelizimm so happy to have you here… and also i never knew you did agility work. that is super cool. i was telling @Jesse that i used to be obsessed with agility. i used to go to shows when i lived in PA (just the smaller ones) and was amazed by how those dogs interact with their owners and the bond.

my dog has a 2 second attention span so i can only hope to keep her attention when we are out. but gosh agility is incredible.


Congrats and thank you @isabelizimm. :smile: