DevOps Packages

Trying out wiki pages as I just described in an extremely long slack message (copied here: ). Want to see what they’re like in discourse. I don’t have the right trust level to turn it into a wiki page, but one day i might. I also can’t put more than 7 links in a post so i am putting some of these in here broken.

Right now, it looks like to make wiki pages work on here we would need

  • Disable 15 character minimum on post titles
  • Wikilinks plugin - meta .discourse .org/t/discourse-wikilinks-plugin/233592
  • …?



Commit Hooks

  • pre-commit - pre - commit .com/

I wanted to start organizing all the info that gets shared in the slack, and the ppl in there know a heck of a lot more about devops tools than I do, so I wanted to keep a reference list. Usually on a wiki i would just make a page without saying anything because it being called “DevOps Tools” is self-explanatory, but since this is a forum if i just posted a page with two links on it then ppl would be like what the heck. Anyway…

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very cool! i’m excited to see what this looks like as a wiki here on discourse! you know i think we could potentially self host discourse so we had a domain as well at some point?