Personas exercise: Who do we want in the pyOpenSci community

I know the answer to this quesiton is probably “everyone” but its helpful for new folks to be able to see a list of lots of different ways to contribute.

This discourse thread is to collect together (and maybe prioritise if we can) the types of ways that people could contribute to the project in the short and medium term.

For example, do we need people to:

  • :memo: write a blog to tell people about the community
  • :eyes: review a package
  • :computer: submit a package
  • :art: make the website look beautiful etc etc etc :smile:
  • :metro: help with infrastructure to minimise the number of human-in-the-loop tasks that need to be manually done

Please add any other tasks that you think would be super helpful right now, and if you’re following along and can see ways that you could contribute, please suggest them here! Thank you :sparkling_heart:

@KirstieJane where would you want to see that? i actually have the start to that in several hackmd docs… so we’ve actually gone through the exercise of thinking about roles and such but haven’t posted it anywhere. lemme dig up what i have int he hackmd (generated from the group) YOU have cool things in your list above that i don’t have too!!!

Here is a link to the hackmd where that was generated for scipy:

please let me know what you think about this start, what we should add to it (like some of your above stuff) and where this should go to make our community seem more friendly and open!!