Preparing for JOSS, relevant to pyOpenSci?

I’m currently working on preparing a package for submission to JOSS by the end of this month:

This package contains implementations for a number of mathematical functions that I am using as benchmarks in my research on multi-fidelity optimization algorithms. The functions have been collected from various sources and I’ve combined them into a single package.

My questions:

  • Is this package ‘relevant’ to pyOpenSci? Among the categories, I guess ‘Reproducibility’ is the most fitting one, but I’m not so sure about that.
  • If so, what is the best order of submission?
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:wave::wave::wave: hey there @sjvrijn !! Welcome to pyopensci. We are psyched to see that you are considering submitting a package to us. What would be helpful for us is for you to submit a presubmission inquiry here: Issues · pyOpenSci/software-review · GitHub

Use the presubmission template: / when you submit. It will ask you more questions about who would use this package and what does it do / what gaps does it fill, etc. This information is helpful for us in determining whether we can review it!

I’ve also shared the package repo with a few colleagues in the meantime to get feedback on it’s scope!

If the package is deemed to be in scope for us, then you can submit to us FIRST. we will implement a review. Once it is accepted by our review process, you submit to joss but include the link to the pyopensci review in the submission. JOSS then fast tracts your submission. Essentially they ONLY look at the paper to ensure it prints and renders correctly. It’s a fast process after we review. And then you are done and accepted to both pyopensci and JOSS! it’s a win win.

Why don’t you go ahead and submit a presubmission inquiry and i can ping a few of the editors on that issue to have a look!

@lwasser Thanks for the reply!
I’ll have a look at opening a presubmission inquiry in the next few days :+1:

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awesome @sjvrijn !! that is perfect. much appreciated.

FYI: The README/docs have been improved and the package is currently under submission at JOSS:

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yay that’s awesome @sjvrijn !!! thank you for the update! :slight_smile: