Pycon 2024 -- Maintainers summit

Hey y’all!

We (@InessaPawson and myself) are hosting the Maintainers Summit at PyCon US 2024 on May 17th!!

@InessaPawson has organized this event for the past few years and has done an incredible job. Join us in attending OR submit a talk.

I presented last year and had a wonderful time. The best part about this event was all of the amazing people i met there and the discussions that I had with people many of whome are active in this community now!

The call for proposals is closing on March 25th:
Click here to learn more about submitting

Talk proposals from first-time speakers and Pythonistas from underrepresented groups within the tech community are strongly encouraged. Submissions from online conference attendees are welcome.

I look forward to seeing y’all there!!