pyOpenSci updates!

Hi pyOpenSci colleagues!

We now have a formal code of conduct for our organization. It was reviewed and approved by our executive council, reviewed by the advisory council… and now it is live!

We also are working on our collab with Pangeo. You can have a look at the first Pangeo review that is beginning here: Xclim : Xarray-based climate data analytics · Issue #73 · pyOpenSci/software-submission · GitHub

Our collaboration with Pangeo supports a review that is specific to Pangeo standards while also following pyOpenSci standards. The idea is that we will support pangeo in curating a list of pyOpenSci + pangeo vetted tools. This collaboration will become a model for how we work with other communities in the future to support their review needs too!

Things are moving forward!
As always, please get in touch with any questions!