This is just a test to see if notifications are turned on

testing again @jlpalomino


@lwasser Testing, 1, 2…

haha @jlpalomino i did just get an email for a post… maybe not this one… let’s give it a minute however :slight_smile: let me know if you get this note via email!

With a mention for @lwasser

Message received @lwasser! Are we supposed to get notifications for individual replies?

nice @leouieda!! i think in theory you should get notifications for individual replies. i’m finding however that you need to setup your preferences for both the types of notifications that you receive, and in what categories you want to get notifications. we need to do a bit more digging to suggest to people to adjust accordingly. let me know if you see my response to you here!!

the good news is i am finally getting these notifications too however it seems like it does take a few minutes for them to send!

I got an email for this one so it seems like I configured correctly :slight_smile: if only I could figure what I did exactly…

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awesome!! haha sounds like you are in a similar situation to the rest of us. what i’ll do is send out a few meeting invites via HERE and email just to ensure everyone is getting things from this space before moving to it fully. we are all struggling a bit with the notification settings right now :slight_smile:

i’m glad this is atleast working for you now!!

Happy Friday!!