pyOpenSci at TDWG 2021

I was able to present a poster (co-authored by @lwasser and @NickleDave) at the annual TDWG Biodiversity Informatics conference last week, which I wanted to share here. The conference abstract is here:, and I just posted the poster PDF to FigShare here:

During the live poster session of the conference, I mostly focused on walking people through the peer review process, and the participants seemed very impressed by the guidelines and documentation. The biodiversity informatics community is well-represented in the ROpenSci project, so a lot of people expressed interest in either developing Python versions of ROpenSci packages or putting existing Python biodiversity informatics packages through peer review.

If you attended the TDWG conference this year, say hi!


Thanks again for making this happen @MikeTrizna – final product looks great!

Glad to hear lots of people were interested :slight_smile:

I would like to clarify that my :slightly_smiling_face: is an actual smile and not a condescending smile as it may be interpreted by Gen Zers :stuck_out_tongue: